At HOLT Group, our core values form the foundation of our culture and guide our Values-based Leadership approach, where conservation is embedded in our commitment to doing the right thing. We strive to continually improve our operations while prioritizing the responsible use of natural resources.

Conservation Philosophy

By prioritizing solutions that help protect people, preserve the planet, and drive economic growth, we actively contribute to our communities. Our focus on offering products, and services optimizes the use of natural and sustainable resources, minimizes waste and emissions, all while being a dynamic partner.

Environmental Philosophy
Conservation in Numbers

A Commitment to Energy Efficiency

As part of our commitment to conservation, HOLT has obtained LEED certification at some of our facilities in Little Elm, Sulphur Springs, Edinburg, and Laredo. We take a holistic approach to sustainable construction, incorporating features that conserve water and reduce unnecessary energy consumption, furthering our efforts to minimize our environmental impact.


Wildlife Preserve

HOLT proudly manages over 55,000 acres of open wildlife preserve areas, featuring a dedicated half-acre butterfly garden. To ensure the responsible management of these areas, we have a dedicated team committed to the stewardship and preservation of these valuable natural resources, ensuring long-term conservation for future generations.

The Three Rs

Our conservation plan focuses on the essential Rs of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

  • Recycling: We prioritize recycling as a core aspect of our operations, covering a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, engine oil, cardboard and paper products, and batteries. To minimize landfill waste, our newer construction projects incorporate centralized plant trash collection.
  • Repurposing: In addition to recycling, we have implemented water repurposing initiatives, including using newer wash racks that are closed-loop systems that reduce going back to a water source for fresh water and cisterns for rainwater collection, which we use for irrigation.
  • Renewable Energy: Taking a proactive approach to energy conservation, we integrate solar panels into our facilities. Harnessing solar power, we generate approximately 2 million kW/hours of electricity annually, meeting about 30 percent of our energy needs.


This is what a year of recycling looks like for HOLT:

tons of solvents

gallons of water conserved

equivalent to an offset of
194,922 gallons of gasoline

tons of office
materials avoided

tons of waste oil

tons of anti-freeze

tons of oil filters

recovered from repair trucks,
engines and equipment

solar modules
at 11 locations

kWh annual energy production

offset metric tons
of carbon emissions

equivalent to the emissions produced
by 477 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year

HOLT Renewables

HOLT Renewables

HOLT Renewables serves as a comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction firm, working in synergy with other HOLT companies to advance conservation and promote energy independence. Since 2019, HOLT Renewables has been actively collaborating with commercial and industrial clients across the country, providing end-to-end support for renewable projects.

Our Customers

Our Customers

HOLT actively supports customers in implementing their conservation programs by providing a comprehensive range of emissions-reducing products, technologies, and services. Our cost-effective solutions enable customers to achieve their conservation goals while adhering to environmental emissions regulations, ensuring a successful and sustainable transition while protecting their investments.